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There is a reason that it is called network marketing. It is because networking and marketing are very important parts of being successful in this business. If you wanted a new house, would you go out with no skills and just a manual and started trying to build??!! Absolutely not, so why would you try to build a business that way.

If you are thinking about starting a business, get the training first!! Sales is one of the most lucrative careers available to the average person, but only if you know what you are doing. Doctors and other professionals go to school for years to gain the skills and knowledge that they have. At least when you are in sales, the training does not take as long, but you do need to be trained.

There is training all over the internet, but the training that we recommend, we found gives you many different forms of training all in one place. this training was put together by Mike Dillard, one of the biggest names in the network marketing arena today. The software is amazing and this man has totally changed the way that network marketing works in today's world.

Network Marketing | Why You Need A Dedicated Network Marketing Website

The first step is to start attracting prospects to your business by providing quality content that helps them solve their problems related to a network marketing at home business. Then you can take them on the journey of discovering opportunities where they work from home & join your business. Simply attracting prospects though is not going to be enough.

It is at this point in the process that most network marketers diminish their chances of making a favorable impression on their prospects. The contact dries up and information is no longer received. This is because of one big flaw; the prospect is faced with a bombardment of warnings like "join the business now or you will regret it" and this puts many prospects off and they cease further contact with you.

There is something obviously very wrong with this approach.

Network Marketing Work At Home And Pre-Selling

If no pre-selling is involved, how is a prospect convinced that your opportunity is worth joining? They have no indication whether the opportunity is right for them and their long term financial goals.

In order for prospects to join you, they need to enter your downline because of you as a leader, and not the business or business opportunity. You are the most important aspect of this process and making the right impression on your prospects from the beginning is the key to experiencing high levels of success in network marketing work at home businesses.

First impressions are made within the first few minutes of contact and this will have a bearing on the prospect's continued interest in you & your opportunity.

How To Create Your Pre-Selling Plan

We touched on having a simple but effective pre-selling system earlier. Both are as important as each other.Effective meaning that the moment the prospect enters your funnel they are immersed in information and training.

Simple meaning what you can give them in terms of value without hype. You shouldn't even mentiona network marketing business at any stage of the initial attraction period. All the prospect needs to know at this point is that you are presenting an opportunity for them to work at home and what kind of mentoring you can provide for them.

The truth is that you are effectively on trial the minute a prospect gives you their contact details and shows interest in any one of your network marketing opportunities.

This stage of pre-selling is the most crucial stage of the network marketing at home system. While you might be able to attract prospects to you, you will also need the ability to explain the benefits to them of working with you & your system at this initial stage of their investigating you as their potential leader.

Network Marketing | Is Internet Network Marketing Still Profitable? - Article Dashboard

Through internet network marketing more and more people have jumped on the band wagon of trying to sell their goods and services. Network marketers are working the social networks and forums, in hope of adding new downline members and you can find advertising being placed everywhere, even on the Post Office pages. During the California gold rush, they used to say,"There's gold in those hills." Today marketers are looking to strike gold on the internet.

Now with the simplicity of setting up a website by using wordpress, squidoo, or a hub page, anyone can have a web page and fill it with ads from Amazon, Google, or Click Bank. Everytime someone visits your site an ad is there for them to click on and if they do, the webpage owner makes a commission. This simple idea is generating extra income for internet network marketers, by just allowing use of page space that would normally be left empty anyway.

Once your web site is up and running with ads in place, it's easier than ever to advertise and invite people to come and view it. With the help of sites like onlywire, your site can be blasted out to hundreds of social networks, plus add the help of other sites like pingfm and your site is pinged out to hundreds of search engines to come and spider your pages and list you in their search engines. It all takes a little thought and planning, using the right content that makes visitors want to come and read your post or view your site, then having the right ads in place that appeal to your followers so that they do want to click on an ad for more information and from there, it's money in the bank.

So the question was, "Is Internet Network Marketing Still Profitable?" and I would have to say that it is. Decide on your niche, whether it be weight lose, muscle building, map making or whatever and take action on your idea. Put up the website, place the ad's pertaining to your niche, then invite people to come and view it.